Roland Schauer


I like to support people and would also like to help you deal with challenges and find your way. I am a trained coach and based in Switzerland.

Why coach? That is a long story. Here is the short version: A book on yoga > More books on autosuggestion and self-hypnosis > All kinds of DVDs, books, trainings on psychology, mediation, development, therapies, raising children, communication, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) > Formal training to become a Co-Active Coach at the Co-Active Training Institute.

In addition, I am a cutting machine operator, graduate physicist, master of business administration, white collar crime investigator, data analyst, internal auditor, process designer, software developer. These are professional stations. I am also a computer nerd, father of two, husband, cyclist, runner and knowledge collector. All that rather in private. I was born in 1970.

Does everything always work out? No, not at all. Is trouble completely alien to me? A clear "no." Aberrant thoughts? I can't deny that. All good on the whole? Yes.

Other things are close to my heart as well that I think are worthy of attention. I would like to draw the attention of as wide an audience as possible to these.

Some more details:

  • Co-Active - Fundamentals 3 days
  • Co-Active - Training 6 months, 100+ hours incl. coaching
  • Offering Short Term Coaching - one session as volunteer in the Company, participated in training sessions on stress management and career development
  • Offering Long Term Coaching - around six months in the context of an effort to make coaching available to everyone in the Company
  • Positive feedback from all my coaching sessions
  • Provided training on different topics such as communication, team building, non-violent communication
  • A lot of reading, DVDs, podcasts not only about coaching, but about mental topics in general starting in my 20s

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